.: LashDip

Phoenix Visions Hair Design Lash Dip

This latest advancement in eyelash enhancement is designed to coat your lashes resulting in a semi permanent eyelash layering effect, mimicking mascara.  LashDip not only lengthens, but also thickens and curls your eyelashes.  It is the most versatile option for eyelash enhancement.

Optimal client:  Someone who wants, darker, thicker and curled lashes.

This service is the "triple threat" of eyelash technology.  With LashDip and SkinnyDip there are two options, depending on the extent of enhancement you desire.

Phoenix Visions Hair Design - LashDip



.: LashDip!

Phoenix Visions Hair Design LashDip


LashDip goes where no extensions have gone before. Its fume-free formula allows for easy-peasy, tear-free application. Finally our lower lashes get the attention they deserve! Schedule your lash extensions appointment BEFORE a lower lash application.

Phoenix Visions Hair Design LashDip

Results:  LashDip and SkinnyDip both last about 4-5 weeks

*A complimentary touch up is included in our price and typically applied 2 weeks after the initial application.  After 4-6 weeks the product needs to be removed and can be reapplied if you choose. Removal takes minutes, and is safe and gentle to your lashes.

Your lash growth and shedding cycle determines the length and wear of LashDip along with proper at home and in salon maintenance.

Use only oil free eye make-up remover. Oil free eye liners, and mascara will ensure the lasting results of LashDip (in the future, we will carry products at the salon for purchase that are safe with your lash services).

LashSeal should be used 2 times a week as home maintenance.
Now you can forgo the daily ritual of applying (and removing) mascara and be LashDipped!

Starting Price: LashDip from $150. SkinnyDip $100. Lower Lashes $35.
Approximate service time:  LashDip  approximately 1.5 hours
SkinnyDip approximately 60 minutes.

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