3 New Fall Trends

As hairdressers, “we are in beat of our community because we deal with the public every day. It’s our job to not just translate, but create trends for our colleagues and clients to embrace.”

Freestyling:  Balayage, ombre, dimensional color. We call it hair painting.  the popular color technique is here to stay: We are using fewer foils and more freehand painting. The technique offers natural-looking color that clients can’t get enough of. Keep an eye out for stronger, bolder colors this season.”

Embrace the Waves: For the past several years, straight, smooth hair ruled the salon industry. Now that textured styles are gaining  popularity,”permanent texture is now about versatility, being able to either wash and wear or provide styling support for waves and curls. It’s also a great volume boost for all hair types, so it reaches far beyond the traditional perm.”

Razoring: “2012 is all about tousle and flow!” Razor cuts maximize swing and movement and also compliment the color and texture trends of the year. internal razor cutting creates space and freedom for the hair to move while also encouraging natural texture to shine,” 

The Phoenix Team would love to create your next trend!

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